Do you believe,

every cloud has a silver lining?


have no doubt

Change is Coming

We are experiencing  unprecedented change at all levels. Never since the Great Depression has there been such a combination of disruptive factors all activated at the same time


The ongoing auto immune related global pandemic has destroyed every thread of comfort in our lives. It is amply clear that, even with the availability of a vaccine our lives will never be the same again. ..more


As per World Bank, our global economy has experienced four debt accumulations over the past fifty years. Since 2010, the fourth wave is the largest, fastest and most broad-based increase in debt....more


Even prior to the pandemic outbreak, Gallup estimated that 1/3rd of the world’s adult workforce were unemployed. This is in stark contrast to the 5.9% employment rate estimated by the ILO...more


But response

is a choice

Choose the blue one.

It's the easiest way to revert back

to the habitual way of  'reacting'. to problems.

Or, pick the red one.

It's difficult, because it requires  a

 change in mindset.  It's a new  way of 'Seeing'. 




An experiential journey inspired by the mythical bird who chose to consciously chose to go through the fire and thereupon arise from its own ashes.  An epic saga of personal exploration into the art and science of rejuvenation of spirit, mind and body.


Bringing together

Theory & Practise

The PhoenixArise journey is crafted using the latest research and insights of mind-body connection from world's top Western institutions of science. By participating, you can benefit from the groundbreaking discoveries by the world's top research institutes, in fields of psychology and physiology.

Recognising that a wealth of wisdom residing in our Eastern traditions, we have left no stone unturned to incorporate their practices in your journey. These techniques are no only safe, simple a, but more importantly they can be practiced just about anywhere with nothing but attention.


Touching lives


"Based on interaction with a hundred students with whom your session has been shared, it is clear that your work is a milestone in cognitive sciences"

Prof. A Patade

"The team infuses a  depth to the human dimension which is bound to translate into business impact". A must for any human-centric businesses"

M Aggarwal

"The team has helped me get to a level of self-awareness where I could navigate interactions with ease, empathy, and effectiveness."

C Kulkarni

"Recommended for any business leader wishing to develop stronger cultural bonds within the team and to build stronger products."

S Subramanian


Starts Here

The Journey

To understand how the 'PhoenixArise' experiential Workshop can transmute

a crisis into an opportunity, select your option below

Click here to know more about 

the experiential journey customised for individual career growth and self fullfillment.

Click here to know more about 

the experiential journey customised for individual career growth and self fullfillment.


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