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16 January, 2021

Register for a Free 2 hour Introductory Online Masterclass on Saturday, 16 Jan 2021 at 11am and get your own Free Audio meditation for Stress Relief & Energy Balancing.



This is perfect for:

Business Owners

Whether it’s an aspiring Startup or an established setup, business growth and innovation with limited resources is challenging .



HomeMakers need to not only create but also maintain a nurturing and harmonious space, despite themselves feeling unappreciated and unloved.



Professionals face the challenge either excelling at work with time and resource constants, or face the career uncertainties.



The economic contraction coupled with increase levels of automation, challenges students to expand their skills beyond stereotypical roles learnt.

Desert in Dark


What Stresses You?

Lack of Options

Many a time we try to deal with crisis constrained by our learnings from the past. However, every new challenge, demands a fresh perspective. Without a clear vision of the way ahead, we repeatedly fail again.


Lack of Resources

Irrespective of the situation we find ourselves in, all crisis invariable demand  additional resources. However, many a time, we feel grossly inadequate despite having access to physical and mental resources available to us.


Feeling Fatigued

Sure, positive thinking and self motivation can help us up to a certain point. However in crisis situations, more often than not, when the going gets tough, we loose steam and lack the energy to pull through.


Fear of Failure

Despite our past failures, some of us may be able to muster up courage to deal with new challenges. However sometimes, overtaken by our darkest emotions, we are unable to cope and withdraw completely.


This Is Why You'll Choose Us


Handholding during Workshop

Navigating a Crisis is one of life’s most challenging journeys. As we have not been mentally equipped with the tools to handle them, more often than not we need the support of others. 

Appreciating this, all participants are given personalised attention during each step of the way. This ensures that no one is left out.



Tailored to meet Individual needs

Each of us travel unique paths and have experiences that are special. Only when we appreciate our uniqueness, do we begin to accept our individual destiny. One size certainly doesn’t fit all.

The Workshop has a combination of collective and individual reflections proving ample space for self discovery.



Limited number of Participants

Being social animals, we humans are born to evolve through communal interactions. Our ability to communicate is testament to this amazing faculty. 

Hence, all Workshop interactions are through live webinars, to help foster a deep feeling of engagement between all participants.



Transformation of your core

From childhood, we have been trained to instinctively react to situations in fixed patterns. Years of conditioned responses have created neural Default Mode Networks in our brains.

Enduring transformation requires unravelling the emotional causes for these patterned responses which is the source of real freedom.



Based on research findings

All transformational practices, demand an anchor or pivot. Practices which rely on faith last only so long as the related beliefs remain unchallenged.

Our techniques are anchored not only on the timeless wisdom of the ages, but also on the cutting edge discoveries in the natural and social sciences. 



Workshop Experience

"Based on interaction with  students with whom your session has been shared, it is clear that your work is a milestone in cognitive sciences"

Prof. A Patade

"The team infuses a  depth to the human dimension which is bound to translate into business impact. A must for any  businesses"

M Aggarwal

"The team has helped me get to a level of self-awareness where I could navigate interactions with ease, empathy, and effectiveness."

C Kulkarni

"Recommended for any business leader wishing to develop stronger cultural bonds within the team and to build stronger products."

S Subramanian


Speaker Profile

Sanjiv, is an accomplished management consultant with more than 25 years of experience. He has guided large businesses in diverse segments of BFSI, automobiles, telecommunication, media,  hospitality, amongst others.


Following a personal tragedy, he dived deeply to seek insights from within. Simultaneously, through study  of the natural sciences, health, cognition and consciousness, he developed a holistic understanding of the nature and secrets of the art and science of transmuting crisis into opportunities. 

What began with a desire to help others, has culminated into delivering workshops. These Workshops have helped numerous Institutions and Individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the MasterClass?

The MasterClass will introduce you to the three stages of Crisis Management. It will also reveal how the Default Mode Networks of our brains control our situational reactions. Participants will understand how such automated responses by increasing the duration of emotional stress finally translate into relationship breakdowns and physical suffering.

How much does the MasterClass cost?

The Regular Cost of participating in the 2 hour PhoenixArise MasterClass is INR 250/-. However, for a limited period it is now available Free.

How do I access is the Online Webinar?

The 2-hour Webinar is best experienced through a Desktop or Tablet device as it is in a presentation format. Participants can join by clicking the Zoom link provided in the introductory email. Hearing audio through headphones is preferable.

Who can do the Free guided Meditation?

As it requires no prior meditation experience, the Guided Meditation can be practised by anyone. It is best experienced n the morning, while lying on bed using earphones. As it involves breath-work, it should be practised on an empty stomach, in a relaxed manner, without undue exertion. To access the audio, please click on the link provided in the introductory email.

How can I learn more about the PhoenixArise Workshop?

To know more details of the PhoenixArise Workshop, please click here.

What if after registering I feel the Workshop is not for me?

Only if during the first two weeks, participants believe that the program is not suited to their liking, they can exit the Workshop with a full refund of fees excluding the Service Tax component. Thereafter, no request for refunds will be entertained.

For further queries, who do I contact?

For any queries regarding the Masterclass Registration, please email us to or contact Samir @9284953062 between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. on Weekdays



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16 January, 2021

Register for a Free 2 hour Introductory Online Masterclass on  on Saturday, 16 Jan 2021 at 11am, and get your own Free Audio meditation for Stress Relief & Energy Balancing.

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